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Ima Robot Concert Poster
Ima Robot CD Case – Outside
Ima Robot CD and Case – Inside
Ima Robot Ticket and CD Case – Back
Ima Robot Women's Tee – Front
Ima Robot Women's Tee – Back
Ima Robot Men's Tee – Front
Ima Robot Men's Tee – Back

Ima Robot.

Ima Robot Concert Series

Rebranding, illustration, graphic design


Problem: Create promotional material for the upcoming Ima Robot CD release and tour
that accurately represents the disco-punk band’s image.


Solution: By creating an edgy hand-drawn typography treatment, along with a hand-drawn robot, Ima Robot’s musical style and brand are accurately represented in the imagery of the CD, T-shirt, ticket and VIP pass. By using bright pink, along with rough black lines, the punk-disco music is represented, as well as the edgy, exciting and unique visual presentation of the band itself.

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