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Rae Dunn.

Rae Dunn Apparel (Baby, Kids, Women, and Pets)

Technical production, final art production, quality control, graphic design


Problem: Create slogans and designs based quarterly themes and trends. Utilize designer notes and approved designs to to create final, clean, seamless pieces of art for production. Order and check physical samples for quality control purposes on color, print and sizing.


Solution: Using the official Rae Dunn typeface and designated art, I created design and production art pieces to send to vendors and factories in China for completion based on my approved designs and other approved one sheets. Along with creating production templates to size for apparel, I also did sample checks, including but not limited to, color matching, garment quality and sizing, and print quality.

Production methods and templates cannot be shared publicly. Please contact me for more information on work templates and production workflow.

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